Blogging my way through a PhD!

Welcome to my new blog space! I'm about to begin my PhD on Monday (eep), and I've been toying with the idea of starting an education-focused blog for some time. With the crisp sense of fall in the air and the surge of undergrads back on campus last week, now seems like a great time to begin something new.

(As if the degree isn't new enough...)

I'm not really sure what form this space will take, but I do know I'll want to talk about the things I'm learning, both in the classroom as a student and in the classroom as a teacher, and I'm also going to talk a fair bit about what I'm reading (for fun and for class), since you can't take the kid lit scholar out of the library even if you tried; I might, depending on the mood, even write about my writing in this space (although if you're interested in my books, I'd recommend this site).

Since classes start on Monday, I'll probably have a lot more to say very soon, but at the very least, I'm planning to post once a week starting out, and then I'll see where this blog fits into my schedule from there. Sometime in the next week, watch for a post about growth mindset and children's picture books, but in the meantime, leave me a comment to let me know where you're dropping by from!

Enjoy the weekend!


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