18 for 2018

I've been listening to podcasts a lot lately (I know, right??), and I loved this idea from Gretchen Rubin's "Happier" podcast.  She and her sister suggested making a list of 18 things you want to do in 2018 to increase happiness (but not letting it turn into a laundry list of resolutions). I'm shifting it a bit for this post, but I want to make my overall list of 18 for 2018 more like the original suggestion.

Today, however, I want to share a list of 18 things I want to improve/focus on during 2018, specific to grad school. In 2018, I'll begin my second semester, and in the fall, I'll also start my second year (with an eye toward comps), so 2018 has a lot of possibility and opportunity for me to tweak and change and refocus, especially now that I've got the first semester under my belt.

A further challenge I'm setting for myself: to simply offer the list here, without qualifiers, apologies, or explanations. I know I can get really long winded when I'm explaining things, and often times, explaining my goals turns into justifying which, let's face it, is just a short slip away from apologizing, and I do not want to cycle myself into an apology knot during my PhD; imposter syndrome is no fun (look for a post on that in the new year), and I know myself well enough to know that my tendency to over-explain can often turn into second guessing. So no apologies or explanations; just my list! (Sorry for that long-winded apology and explanation about why I won't be apologizing or explaining...)

Without further ado, here's my grad-school-centric list of 18 for 2018! (In no particular order).

1. Attend more faculty events.
2. Seek out professors/mentors beyond the classroom.
3. Update and cultivate my LinkedIn profile.
4. Maintain my CV.
5. Submit at least two articles for publication.
6. Stay on top of work.
7. Attend at least two conferences.
8. Submit proposals to at least two conferences for 2019.
9. Walk to campus most of the time.
10. Spend more time in the Grad Lounge.
11. Schedule regular social time with my colleagues.
12. Keep all inboxes under 10 unread messages EVERY DAY.
13. Apply for outside funding and opportunities.
14. Teach with joy.
15. Invest in my research.
16. Use Zotero more consistently.
17. Create an annotated bibliography before comps.
18. Embrace new opportunities.

A few of these sound like they could apply to the rest of my life, too, but for now, these are the 18 things I want to bring more attention to during my second semester (and the start of my second year) in grad school. What are some of the things that top your list?

Have a great holiday season and break, friends, and I'll see you back in 2018!


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