Celebrating April with Poetry, Day 1

I'm reading The Pen and the Bell right now, and there are a few other places in my life where I am being reminded to find mindful attention. Add that to the fact that April is National Poetry Month both here in my new home and back in the States, and I feel a bit of a blog challenge coming on...

I know it's unlikely I'll be able to share a poem every single day, but I'm going to try to follow Miller and Hughes's poetic noticing as a more consistent practice this month, and when I do, I'll share the offerings with you. I'll also link to favorite poems of mine to spread a little bit of beauty.


Today the sunlight
belied my icy fingertips

Snow still on the ground
sap rising in the trees

April is here;
spring is shifting, settling, waiting

I'm noticing
the possibility of a changed routine.


(A great one to use to teach poetry, particularly if, like me, your poetry units wander from traditional literary interpretation.)


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