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Developing a Researcher Identity, Part I

It may sound silly, but I hadn't really given much thought to my identity as a researcher before starting my PhD. Even once I knew I was coming here and had a sense of what I wanted to research, I didn't label myself a researcher.

Oh, I'd spent time consciously learning to identify as a scholar, starting with the first time I presented at an academic conference, and really growing comfortable with my identity as a teacher-writer-scholar as I finished my MA. And the process of calling myself a writer took intense, deliberate work, including guided meditations, journaling, and just plain working hard at all the things I learned writing entailed. Even as life-long as my writing has been, assuming the identity of a writer, being able to confidently say, "I am a writer", took work. Teaching, too, was another identity I continue to build.

I'm not sure why I didn't realize that PhD work wasn't about assuming the identity of a grad student. In some ways, that…